We are fortunate to have, Daniel Brown, from the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit speaking at the Suffolk Field Day on May 19th.

Daniel is responsible for the routine estimation of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) for Sheep Genetics which is delivered to ram breeders across the country. As the Principal Scientist, Daniel is continually involved in the ongoing research and development of the genetic evaluation system for Animal Genetics & Breeding.

In addition to his position as Principal Scientist, Daniel is also the Sheep Genetics Manager and program leader in the Advanced Livestock Management Technologies (ALMTech) Project – Program 4: Industry Databases.
This program aims to facilitate the optimal use of objective measurements of lean meat yield and eating quality data from commercial supply chains by commercial growers and the national genetic evaluation systems for sheep and beef.

At the Suffolk Field day Daniel will give us an introduction to Sheep Genetics and an overview of genetic evaluation, indexes and the research behind the program.

Breeding for eating quality will also be discussed as this is becoming a major factor as consumer expectations and demand for quality meat increases.
The eating quality index is a tool used by terminal producers interested in improving the meat-eating quality of their prime lambs.  Daniel will explain how producers can expect added economic gains from this, what is measured, and how to select for eating quality.

Daniel will also discuss what the current Suffolk genetic trends are and how the breed has progressed aswell as Genomics and what it means for the Suffolk breed.

He’ll also provide advice about tailoring your breeding program to assist in genetic improvement in your flock with key take home points for your breeding program.

Daniel Brown is one speaker not to be missed!

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Suffolk Field Day
19th May 2019
Eden Park, Romsey Vic

Suffolk Field Day