Vendor: Lefteris View

Tag No: 220050  DOB: 15/-07/2022  Weight (kg): 109

Sire: Lefteris View Bruce 160035  Dam: Pitroddie 160456  Sire of Dam: Omagh (NZ) 070204

MN Status: Vaccinated


Presenting Lefteris View 220050 part of the 2022 show team this ewe has style, huge muscle and well structured. Sired by Lefteris View 160035 a ram with strong Scottish genetics through his Glencraig dam 130097 , she is ready to produce some excellent progeny.

She has been running with Jusak Ambassador 177085 since January 3rd 2024.. Ambassador is an outstanding top sire used in 19 studs producing exceptional progeny with high indexed figures (

Full pedigree for 220050 in Sheep Genetics link:

Born at 6 kg as a twin and raised as a single, 220050 scores in the Top 50% in IMF , Top 40% in PFAT and Bwt 0.46 for Lambplan.

On 6/1/24 she scanned at 109 kg and EMD of 41 mm and fat 18 mm.

220050 is Gudair Vaccinated for Johnes disease, she was vaccinated with Glanvac 6 in 1 S, Multimin and drenched with Q drench on 10/1/24.

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Lamb Plan

110.99 0.46 10.41 0.32 -0.09 0.65 -0.35