Vendor: Lefteris View

Tag No: 220075  DOB: 18/7/23  Weight (kg): 116

Sire: Lefteris View 160035  Dam: Oakwood 177125  Sire of Dam: Oakwood 130019

MN Status: Vaccinated


A well-structured and muscled ram who will add meat and power to your progeny. Sired by Lefteris View Bruce 160035 whose dam Glencraig 130097 (ET ewe) has Meikleson Mightyman Scottish genetics on both sides of the tree, this ram will add meat to your progeny. His dam Oakwood 177125 is sired by no other than Oakwood 130019 another proven well-muscled ram.

Born at 4 kg and raised as a twin 220075 (re tagged from 220019) ranks top 20% in Shearforce and in the top 50% for IMF and PFAT with an exceptional BWT of 0.36.

220075 is Gudair Vaccinated for Johnes disease, Brucellosis tested free. He was vaccinated with Glanvac 6 in 1 S, Multimin and drenched with Q drench on 10/1/24.

Wil be offered as a stud or flock ram at the sale.

Contact Bill 0477 317 539 or for presale enquiries.

Lamb Plan

116.85 0.36 10.95 0.55 -0.33 0.77 -0.4 -0.59