Vendor: Oberon Suffolk Stud

Tag No: 222145  DOB: 27.7.22  Weight (kg): 110

Sire: Oberon 200152  Dam: Oberon 177027  Sire of Dam: Pamellen 140110 Max

MN Status: MN2


Born a quadruplet from an amazing ewe with great capacity. At birth he and one sister were grafted onto a ewe that had lost her own lambs but did a less than adequate job with these twins. Once weaned, he and his sister were placed on feed to help them catch up – and within weeks both were selected for the show team. They were both behind the others so neither attended a show because they just didn’t reach the size of the rest of the pen. However, both have great muscling, well developed hindquarters and the eye-catching style required to get the attention in the show ring. If you want a ram that can beat the odds and still come up looking terrific – this is the fellow for you.